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The Victims Fan Club
this is probably one of my favorite posts. i tried some new things and had fun with these. i hope you like them. please read the rules, comments are appreciated, friend me if you like what you see.

i also have a small request. i recently joined a site called brickfish and they do a lot of cool contests. they just started a contest to design rooney's tour poster. needless to say i entered and although it's a simple poster i still would love to see it win. so please vote if you want to help. you can vote once a day if you wish to.

vote for me here!

[15] the killers
[14] lily allen
[16] avril lavigne
[9] amy winehouse

:friends only signs:
[1] lily allen
[1] avril lavigne


[48] gilmore girls icons + new layout

summer vacation is finally here! which means hopefully i'll have time to make many more icons and really work on this journal. the last few months have been crazy what with work, the end of junior year, and everything. but i finally got some time to finish something i really wanted to do... a tribute to my most favorite show gilmore girls, which sadly met its end this past month. i've put up a new layout which is still under construction somewhat and have created a whole bunch of icons. enjoy and please comment (i love reading them :D )

[48] gilmore girls


i recently watched this movie and immediately loved it. not just because of jim carrey (greatest comedian ever), or because the director was brilliant in this movie, but because while watching it i couldn't wait to go and make icons. :D why you ask? well it's because i've been meaning to make icons where i would play around with the coloring and make them really beautiful and this movie, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, with its interesting lighting, kate winslet's crazy hair colors, and just absolute beauty i just had to make these. so i hope you like them as much as i do. :)

[48] eternal sunshine of the spotless mind icons


[19] panic! at the disco, star wars icons

it's been forever since i last posted icons and i'm really sorry. life's just gotten really busy. and i've decided that instead of waiting for when i have loads of icons i'd just start posting what i have when i'm done with them, so like that you'll all get more icons, more often. hope you like these, i appreciate any comments.

[16] panic! at the disco
[3] star wars quote


[142] lyrics icons

to make up for the long time in which i haven't posted anything, i spent my february vacation making some lyrics icons that i'm very proud of and i hope that you really like them. please whether or not you take any please leave a comment because i tried a lot of different things with these and i want to know what you think about them! :D

[38] my chemical romance lyric icons
[104] the killers lyric icons



new layout

just wanted to let you know that i put up a new layout today. i was getting a little bored with my last layout and wanted to make a new one. plus i figured with valentine's day (how dreadful that holiday is) this layout would be perfect. so there you go. i think its lovely and i hope you agree. :)


25 panic! at the disco icons

first post of 07! yay!
i've been doing a bit of experimenting with PS and decided to use panic! at the disco as my guinea pigs. hope you like these! again, comments are always appreciated, i like reading what you guys think. :D now on to the icons!

[25] panic! at the disco

oh what a wonderful caricature of intimacy...Collapse )

Happy Holidays!

I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, or Happy Hannukah, or Happy Kwanzaa, etc...Happy Holidays to all! May this holiday bring you lots of happiness in the midst of this chaotic season where everyone rushes to find the perfect this or that when really all they need is to relax and have fun.
Hope that you have a fantastic New Years'! See you in '07!



christmas killers icons

hey everybody!
so the killers have released a christmas single, 'a great big sled', and let me tell you this song is awesome and it' s for a great cause when you buy it from iTunes, 100% of the proceeds go to help Africa through Project (RED) so help out this christmas and buy this song! :)

so anyways what does this song have to do with my post...everything! since i love this song and christmas, i decided to make icons for all of you. i know christmas is only about 3 days away but i've been super busy and only finished them today. so here they are. don't forget the rules!

[20] the killers


grand opening- 69 icons

hey! this is the grand opening of timetruthheart and my first post! i've got tons of icons to post that i made in the past (some of them are really old) and would like to share with you. hope you like them. feel free to comment. don't forget to read the rules.

[15] aly & aj
[29] jonas brothers
[1] hilary duff
[7] the killers
[6] the killers lyrics
[4] drake bell
[6] harry potter/dan radcliffe




the killers pink

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